Plan of Chaumière des Paris

Plan of Chaumière des Paris

Plan of Chaumière des Paris, outside Lexington, KY, c. 1800, Drawn by David Meade 


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1. Built of logs but to a grand Palladian design, Chaumière des Paris was a remarkable example of elite aspiration on the frontier. Visit UVA's Special Collections Library and analyze this object in person. Discuss this house as an example of the fusion of cosmopolitan forms and local traditions.

2. David Meade was a wealthy Virginia planter who moved to Kentucky . In what ways does Chaumière des Paris reproduce the plan of a late eighteenth-century Virginia plantation house/complex. In what ways does it appear to adapt to its new environment? Consider specifically the arrangement of rooms as articulated on the plan.

3. Discuss the importance of the migration of planters from Virginia to Kentucky after the Revolution. How did that migration transform Kentucky?

4. Basing your evidence on comparable surviving examples, use this plan to reconstruct (in description and drawings) the house at Chaumière des Paris. Describe in detail the various components of the house.

Note: The plan is in Special Collections, University of Virginia Library

Plan of Chaumière des Paris