Miles Brewton House

Miles Brewton House

Miles Brewton House (1765-69),Charleston,South Carolina, interior view of the "hall" or dining room


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1. Discuss the dining room as a chamber.Survey room-by-room probate inventories for the period. What was usually found in a dining room and what does that reveal about the social customs of dining?

2. To what extent is the Miles Brewster House a product of an eighteenth-century architectural pattern book culture?

3. New Englander Josiah Quincy describes a dining experience in this chamber in his late eighteenth-century journal of his experience in Charleston. What does that entry reveal about what Quincy thought was different about life in Charleston? 

4. What kinds of musical entertainment might have been heard in a chamber like this one in 1770? In 1840? Charleston had the first public musical performance society, the St. Cecelia Society. How did private musical performances differ from public ones?

Miles Brewton House