Kitchen building, Rosedown Plantation

Kitchen building

Kitchen building, Rosedown Plantation, Louisiana 


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1. The kitchen was a center of nearly continuous activity. Discuss the role of the cook and his or her management of this important center of the household. 

2. Describe a typical day's meals for the white inhabitants in the antebellum period in Louisiana. To what extent do these meals demonstrate different cultural traditions?

3. Compare and contrast Cajun foodways with those in Virginia and/or South Carolina. In what ways are they distinctive? What does this reveal about the different cultural groups that settled Louisiana?

4. What role did white woman play in southern foodways? Discuss everything from acquisition to preparation, from presentation to consumption.*

* Use the database “North American Women’s Diaries and Letters” to help you answer this question. http:\\\NWLDlive\

Kitchen building, Rosedown Plantation