Clothespress, 1775, made by John Selden, Norfolk, Virginia 


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1. What was this object used for? Discuss the growing consumer culture of the mid-to-late eighteenth century? Discuss the relationship between consumer goods and the brewing political crisis. 

2. Designed in the British neat-and-plain style, what does the existence of such a high-style modish piece at Shirley Plantation in Charles City County , Virginia , tell us about the habits and modes of Virginia planters in the years just before the Revolution? 

3. Using the database of Virginia probate inventories, in what room would such an object likely be located and what other pieces of furniture would be there as well? 

4. As this object was often used to store clothing, discuss what kinds of clothing an elite man in late colonial Virginia would likely have owned. What kinds of clothing did he wear on different occasions? To what extent did clothing make the man?