"Building t", Monticello

"Building t"

"Building t", Monticello, Albemarle County, Virginia 


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1. This is the archaeological remains of a slave cabin at Monticello. The site is one of many included in the Digital Archeological Archive of Comparative Slavery (DAACS) found at www.daacs.org. Discuss variations in the architecture of slave quarters across the plantation South. 

2. This site is very close to the main house at Monticello . How might blacks and whites have experienced this property differently? In what ways does the placement of the quarter reinforce racial hierarchies? 

3. In what ways have archaeological excavations of slave quarters like these given us a window into daily life at the quarter? What was the function of sub-floor pits? 

4. Use Higman's and Armstrong's studies of quarter sites in Jamaica to discuss life at the quarter in Jamaica. How might life at building "t" have been similar or different from these?

"Building t", Monticello